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Tri-State Machinery, Inc. has been serving Washington, Oregon and Idaho for over 19 years.  We are located in Prosser, WA.   We are a family owned business, and we are here to complete your manufacturing  needs.  Owner’s James and Irma Deaton.

A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.

Credit to – Dr. Scott Simmerman

And there are broad issues of employee engagement and morale operating in most organizations these days. So it would seem obvious that there are some positive leverage points in the workplace that we can use effectively to improve how things are working to improve performance and morale and take a competitive advantage with new business strategies.

The real key is the successful implementation of ideas, either from the view of the entrepreneur or the manager looking to improve performance. If the senior managers have good ideas, they can generate involvement and engagement from their management team on designing successful implementation strategies. This is a tool for employee engagement as well as a way to improve organizational performance and long-term competitiveness.

Consider that we are using a wooden wagon. A leader is pulling with a rope and people are behind the wagon, pushing it forward. It is rolling along on wooden Square Wheels, but with a cargo of round rubber tires.

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Someone in a workshop once said, “Those who do have no clue. Those who lead miss the need.” I think that describes the reality – the view at the back of the wagonview-back-of-the-wagon

is different than the view at the front. The hands-on people KNOW that things are not working smoothly but have no ability to make the changes. The wagon puller is focused on meeting current goals and there is little time to stop and chat.


The round wheels already exist. In most organizations, the exemplary performers are already doing things differently and their sharing of best practices would be beneficial, if only we had the chance to stop, step back from the wagon, and discuss issues and opportunities.

 It is really hard to go it alone, even when your idea is “most fabulous.” You need others to share the vision (and perspective) and to have a sense of ownership and involvement to generate the motivation and peer support to succeed.

Last key point: Nobody ever washes a rental car.

Without a sense of ownership involvement, it is not likely that people will be motivated, and thus the many issues around implementation and rollout of those good ideas will be roadblocks instead of challenges.

The Round Wheels of Today, are the Square Wheels of Tomorrow.

There will always be opportunities for people to implement and sell better ways of getting things done and improving performance. It is really about wheels and about people…

so, “Don’t Just DO Something, Stand There!”

Step back from your wagon, scan the issues, and look for things that could be done differently. Then, involve and engage others in discussions about how to do things differently and how to implement these ideas.

Company History

Tri-State Machinery, Inc. was started by James E. Deaton, and another partner back in 1997, in 2009 James became sole owner. Tri-State has an ongoing relationship with the local wineries for their construction needs, and we are always here for our local community.


Tri-State specializes in Catwalks and Rolled Handrails for the local wineries.

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Tri-State Machinery, is a family owned business. We were pleased to have his son Derek Deaton joined the company in 2013, and carry on James legacy . His other son Haiden Deaton has also worked for Tristate during the summer months.


2014 ~ The year of the Rotary Dejuicing Screen!! Designed by James Deaton.


2015 ~ Installation of Wine Transfer Lines


2016 - Installation of Catwalks and Stairs.







Project Manager



Tri-State’s Security

Tri-State has other employees, not featured.